Boss TV Maintenance Regulations

The following status will not list to guaranteed free repair scope, we will list them to charge repair or no repair scope:
1. Has Exceed the valid warranty period;
2. Failure to follow the instructions required by the installation, use, maintenance and storage of the fault or damage;
3. Failure or damage caused by unauthorized alteration, modification or repair of the product.
4. The product is damaged due to fall, weather, extreme temperatures, shock , improper use, mishanding or neglihence after the purchase of the product.
5. Unauthorized changes to the produc t’s native configuration files or unverified product firmware without BOSSVS approval;
6. Unauthorized alteration, tear up the purchase servic invoice or product serial number;
7. The product is damaged due to transportation
8. Failure or damage caused by other non-product factors, technology, manufacturing qualiry problems etc.

We will provide the following guarantee service since the purchasing date to guarantee period(chassis, attachment or partial components will not be included) :
●BossV3 pro main engine: 12 months
●Spare parts(Remote controller, Power cable, HD cable, AV cable): 3 months

If this equipment is verified damage or defect under normal working status by our company technical staff
we will provide repair and components replacement service freely, the damaged components should return to us.

Guarantee period is calculated from the date of sale invoices or sign the equipment receiving
main engine: 12 months, spare parts: 3 months.

Please keep the original purchase invoice and present to technician for free warranty service.
If haven’t, warranty will be void.